We do not limit ourselves to delivering high quality Brazilian Papaya. We want to contribute to a better world. We work with unconditional support and respect for the environment and the people involved in the process. We care for the cultivation and export of the fruit beyond the basics.

Each of the international certifications for papaya export granted to our Export Company, Interfruit, is a symbol of our commitment with what is best. Through those, more people in dozens of countries can enjoy our products with all safety and no concerns.

Respect to the people

People are at the heart of our concerns, from farm workers, shipping and handling personnel to consumers. The Global G.A.P. certification is a testament to that. The integrated production ensures the level of care with everyone’s health, safety and well-being. The SMETA certifies the social responsibility our company has with local legislation and importing countries as well.

Care for the Environment

A team of agricultural engineers closely monitors the pesticide usage, guaranteeing the environment, the fruits are free of contamination, complying with international standards, and that may be consumed safely. The result of this work is the GlobalG.A.P. and Tesco Nurture certification.