Delivering well-being to people through papaya requires special care from cultivation to the transportation of the fruit. Our partner producers in the Brazilian southeast and northeast have the commitment to constantly improve their production practices. We work together to ensure the protection of the environment and the way of life of local communities.

When we receive the papaya, carefully harvested and selected, we start working on preparing the fruit for long distance travel. The papaya receives a special treatment to stay naturally fresh for longer and thus be consumed with all its flavor by those who wish to benefit from the fruit’s properties.

For many other reasons, besides these, Vitta Papaya are safely delivered to more than 15 countries and distributed in 3 continents.

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Vitta products are exported by Interfruit

Vitta is an Interfruit brand, Brazilian Export Company responsible for delivering over 500 tons of papaya to the international market every month. The company controls every step of the process to certify that the most rigorous production, handling and transportation standards are met. Important international certifications held by the company are a testament to that end.

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