History of Vitta

The advancement of research about the impact of good nutrition on longevity has led more and more people to focus on natural foods and healthier habits. Papaya is the ideal food for those who seek greater well-being.

Research has shown the fruit contains multiple antioxidants, essential vitamins and other nutrients, which are important allies to those who wish for a healthier lifestyle.

Vitta has come about in the wake of such a trend of healthier foods. Our partner producers in Brazil plant high quality Papaya, which are delivered with all their natural benefits to consumers all over the globe.

Our job is to export Brazilian papaya to dozens of countries and contribute to the dissemination of the fruit’s great potential. That’s why it is important to us to praise the fruit’s qualities that, with freshness and flavor, enables a better functioning and greater health for our bodies

Nowadays, we are able to export tons of papaya all over the world with the right partners and professionals to conduct cultivation and production processes in the best way possible. Vitta Papaya are in markets such as the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries in the Americas and Europe, with the most rigorous import criteria met.

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