Formosa Papaya

Having several benefits, the consumption of Formosa Papaya has grown all over the world. This variety of papaya is among its largest, weighing approximately 1,3kg and measuring 35cm in width. It also has a longer shape. The same health benefits are present in it and every other variation of the fruit.

The benefits of consuming papaya include advantages for the heart, sight, skin, and immune system, digestive system among other important bodily functions. This is due to the high concentrations of nutrients, such as Vitamin A, calcium, iron, and potassium, besides offering 100% of the daily dosage of Vitamin C as per dietary guidelines. At the same time, papaya has few calories, low sugar and fat contents.

Papaya Nutritional Values


Further benefits of papaya’s medicinal properties have been found in recent research. The red pulp for Formosa Papaya reveals its excellent concentration of lycopene. This nutrient helps the organism eliminate free radicals that cause cell oxidation, and thus help prevent diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

Papaya also includes Carpaine, with effects on the circulatory system and is acknowledged as an ally against cardiovascular diseases. It also helps in the digestion of heavy foods such as meat. On that note, Papaya also helps, through a substance called Papain, an enzyme that helps the body digest foods.

To fully take advantage of the benefits of the Formosa Papaya, it is possible to eat the fruit in its natural form or use it in a number of recipes. There are several options, such as juices, smoothies, sweets and salads that can be created with this key ingredient to your health.

Suggested Recipe


  • Mix the condensed milk, papaya and vermouth (or orange juice) until smooth;
  • Mix jello while still warm until smooth;
  • Put into a greased flan tray or individual pots;
  • Leave at room temperature until firm before serving.
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